Hearts for Change - Home

Our Goals...


...for Hosanna

We dream of a time in the near future when the children of Hosanna will not need to worry about the stability of their home. We would like them to live on land that they do not need to rent and in buildings that are their own.

We do not only want dormitories, a study hall, offices, and a lunch room... We want a play area, green space, a library, volunteer quarters, and their own elementary school! We would also like help Hosanna begin their own income generating activity in order to support them in becoming self-sufficient in the future. These are the projects for which we are currently fund raising.

...for Hearts for Change

Once Hosanna is stable and secure, we would like to move on to provide support for other needy children in orphanages around the world. We hope to help smaller homes that share our values and that are struggling to provide the type of quality, loving living environment that all children deserve.