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Sponsorship is an amazing opportunity for us to be the link between a particular child in need and a person or family that wants to make a difference. Friendships often develop, however, it is important to us that children are not put at risk.

Hearts for Change reserves the right to decline a new sponsorship or bring an existing sponsorship to a close, and in making this decision we will err on the side of caution in the best interests of the children.

To ensure child protection we have the following safeguards in place:

  • We look for indications that a sponsor may pose a threat to a child's well–being, whether at the sign–up stage or at any point throughout the sponsorship. Hearts for Change reserves the right to request that a sponsor provide satisfactory police background clearance at any point in the sponsorship.
  • All communications from sponsors to their sponsored child are screened to intercept inappropriate written or visual material.
  • The Internet is an uncontrolled and unregulated medium. Recognizing this, we ask sponsors to respect the privacy of their sponsored child and family by refraining from using the Internet to share their details publicly.
  • When children leave the sponsorship program some sponsors naturally are keen to stay in touch. We facilitate this only if the child and their guardian give their express consent.


Hearts For Change believes trust is a crucial element of an organization. We will take all the necessary steps to ensure the privacy of individuals, whether they be sponsors, partners, volunteers, or well wishers. We will protect all personal information in our care and control. Our relationship with those who support Hearts For Change is extremely important and we are committed to maintaining their trust.

Note for Internet/Website Users

Hearts For Change does not collect identifying information about visitors to our website. Hearts For Change may collect non-identifying information about visitors in order to create summary statistics and to determine the level of interest in information available on the website. This information would include such items as the date and time our site was accessed and the web browser used. The website does not link IP Addresses to any personally identifiable information.