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Some children are AIDS orphans. Others have been removed from abusive homes. In spite of where they come from, Hearts for Change aims to make a difference in their lives by letting them know that someone cares for them.

“If we did all the things we were capable of, we would astound ourselves.”
(Thomas Edison)

About Hosanna

Hearts for Change is currently focusing on one children’s home, Hosanna, in Kenya and we will expand on to supporting other homes when we are satisfied that Hosanna is self–sufficient.

In January, 2012, Hearts for Change was the subject of an article in the Queen’s Alumni Review. Click on the article to open a PDF version and read more about the story of Hearts for Change.

Read the article about Hosanna Children’s Home »

Hosanna Project for the Destitute is a small children’s home located in rural Kenya. The home has been in existence since the year 2000 and currently supports the needs of about 70 children, ranging from babies to adults finishing secondary school.

Each child has a different story. Some of them are AIDS orphans. Some of them have been removed from abusive homes. Some abandoned. Some of them have parents that love them, but cannot afford to take care of them. Some of them have run away and been living on the streets. Hosanna gives them a loving environment where they receive three meals a day and have the opportunity to go to school.

Each child takes an active role in the home, cleaning their own clothes and doing their daily chores. The home’s goals are to support the children until they finish secondary school and then to help enable the children to either continue on with a post secondary education or find appropriate employment.

Hosanna also supports its local community whenever possible by giving food to, and providing a kindergarten class for, the neighbourhood children. It also runs Kids’ Club every Sunday. Kids’ Club is an opportunity for the children of Hosanna and those of the community to come together and participate in positive activities at a local park.

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